COOL SCHOOL eNewsletter - June 25, 2014         
Calendar of Events

June 18 - 26th - Provincial Exams
June 26th - Homeroom, Final Report Card Pickup
June 26th - Commencement at Cool Downtown Theatre
Sept 2nd - First Day Back To School
Sept 6th - Photo Day

Textbooks And School Supplies

In Elementary and Middle school, students have been used to having school supply lists that guide part of their school startup purchases but in secondary school there is no set supply list. Because there is such a variance in supplies needed for each course, students will find out in the first few days of classes what they need for this semester from each course teacher. If a textbook is issued for a course, students are responsible for returning that textbook in the condition that it was given to them. More information here.

School Bus Information

Bus passes, route schedules and list of where the bus stops are located will be issued after the first week of school. Students will be able to sign up for a bus pass during these first few days in homeroom or at the office. Exact location of bus stops will be given out as well. There will be no bus service on September 2nd. A notice in the next enewsletter will advise students when and where to pick up their school bus pass.

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